Saturday, February 6, 2016


Allow me to present my stores on etsy and ebay where I sell t-shirts, art and stuff.
I’ve have a few happy shoppers so far.

Below are “personalized” t-shirts. They are made to order and no two are alike.

Most shirts will have a big face on the front and a small face on the back. Many abstract designs can be made.

The shirts are $50.00 (USD) each.

Please specify style, fabric (if you have a preference), size and color of shirt. Each one is made exclusively for you. Price may change if specialized fabric is requested.

Please take a look below and or check out my etsy site here themcleancollection or ebay. Or contact me directly on this blog. For purchases I prefer to use paypal.

I will mail them anywhere on the planet, as long as Fedex, UPS or the Postal Service delivers.

I can guarantee that no one will have the same shirt, drawing or painting.



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